Tanz Der Vampire and Delhi

TANZ DER VAMPIRE at the Ronacher Vienna

Before cult musical Tam der Vampire finally bids farewell to the Ronacher in June 2011, there’s time for one more surprise for all its fans: the makers of the musical have come up with a spectacular flight effect in which the main character flies away over the heads of the audience every evening! At the crescendo of the show, leader of the vampires Graf von Krolock spreads his wings, rises up to a height of seven metres and disappears away into the night, flying directly above the heads of the audience.

Since premiering in2009, the Viennese production of Tanz der Vampire has brought in over 350,000 visitors, and can still be enjoyed every day of the week other than Wednesday until25 June 2011 at the Ronacher. Over 5.6 million people have now tasted blood around the world, and this is one success story that seems set to run and run.

So immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the bloodsuckers, and accompany the vampire hunter Professor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred on their journey to the dark kingdom of Graf von Krolock. Stirring rock ballads, furious dance scenes, lavish costumes and scenery, and a story packed with grisly romance and drop-dead humour make Tanz der Vampire an unforgettable experience.


Anybody who has suffered Delhi’s tired infrastructure in the past can cheer up: things are getting better.

Last year, New Delhi was the venue of the Commonwealth Games, the world’s second- largest sporting event after the Olympic Games, reason enough for the country and its capital to inject new life into its creaking tourist infrastructure. Although it wasn’t possible to finish all the projects on schedule, visitors are now benefiting from a host of shiny new high-tech facilities. The generously-proportioned new airport is now fully up and running, for instance, and a fast airport train takes guests straight to the heart of the city. A number of new hotels also opened their doors for the Commonwealth Games, the most impressive of which is the new Oberoi Hotel in the business and shopping city of Gurgaon on the outskirts of Delhi. The Oberoi not only boasts India’s largest swimming pool, but also modern design, excellent restaurants and bars, and outstanding conference facilities.