The territorial waters of India prolong into the ocean to a distance of twelve nautical miles measured from the suitable bottom line

The merchandise of crafts ware carried over lengthy distances by retailers. We repeatedly hear of 500 cartloads of products. These contained advantageous textile items, ivory objects, pots, and so on. All of the essential cities of the interval had been located on river banks and commerce routes, and linked with each other, Sravasti was linked with each Kausambi and Varanasi. The latter was thought of to be an excellent centre of commerce within the age of Buddha The route from Sravasti handed eastward and southward by Kapilavastu and Kusinara and got here to Vaisah. Merchants crossed the Ganga close to Patna and went to Rajgir, In addition they glided by the Ganga river to Champa close to fashionable Bhagalpur. If we consider the Jataka tales the merchants of Kosala and Magadha went by way of Mathura as far northward as Taxila.’ Equally from Mathura they went to Ujjain and the Gujarat coast.

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Commerce was facilitated by way of cash

Commerce was facilitated by way of cash. The phrases nishka and satamana within the Vedic texts are taken to be names of cash, however cash really discovered ‘aren’t sooner than the sixth century B.C, Plainly in Vedic occasions change was carried on by technique of barter, and generally cattle served the aim of foreign money. Cash manufactured from metallic seem first within the age of Gautama Buddha. The earliest are made largely of silver although just a few coppers additionally seem. They’re known as punch-marked as a result of items of those metals had been punched with sure marks akin to hill, bushes,’ fish, bull, elephant, crescent, and so on. The earliest hoards of those cash have been present in japanese Utrar Pradesh and Magadha, though some early cash are additionally present in Taxila. The Pali texts point out plentiful use of cash .and present that wages and costs had been paid in it. The usage of cash had turn into so common that even the prape of a useless mouse was estimated m it.

It’s possible that writing began a few centuries earlier than Asoka and contributed to commerce. The earliest information had been in all probability not written on stone and metallic and have subsequently perish

Writing led to the compilation of not solely legal guidelines and rituals but in addition facilitated bookkeeping, which was so important to commerce, tax- assortment, and the conserving of a big skilled military. The interval  produced texts coping with subtle measurement (Sul- vasutras), which presuppose writing and which can have helped the demarcation of fields and homes.


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