Outcomes of the Contact

The Indo-Iranian contact lasted for about 200 years. It gave an impetus to Indo-Iranian commerce and commerce. The cultural outcomes had been extra vital. The Iranian scribes introduced into India a type of writing which got here io be often known as the Kharosthi script. It was written from proper to left just like the Arabic. Some Asokan inscriptions in north-west India had been written within the third century B.C. on this script, which continued for use within the nation until the third century A.D. Iranian cash are additionally discovered within the north-west frontier area which factors to the existence of commerce with Iran. However it’s flawed tb assume that the punch-marked cash continued in India on account of contact with Iran. Nonetheless, Iranian affect on the Maurya sculpture is clearly perceptible. The monuments of Asoka’s time, particularly the bellshaped capitals, owed One thing to the Iranian fashions, Iranian affect may additionally be traced within the preamble of Asoka’s edicts in addition to in sure phrases utilized in them! As an example, , for the Iranian time period di’pi the ‘Asokan scribe used the time period lipi, Additional, evidently via the Iranians the Greeks got here to know in regards to the nice wraith of India, which whetted their greed and ultimately led to Alexander’s invasion of- India.

Alexander’s Invasion

Within the fourth century B.C. the Greeks and the Iranians fought for the supremacy of the world. Beneath the management of Alexander of Macedonia the Gieeks lastly’ destroyed the Iranian empire. Alexander conquered not solely Asia Minor and Iraq but additionally Iran. From Iran he marched to India, clearly attracted by its nice wealth. Herodotus, who is known as father of historical past, and different Greek writers had painted India as a superb land, which tempted Alexander to invade this nation. Alexander additionally possessed a powerful ardour for geographical inquiry and pure historical past. He had heard that on the jap aspect of India was the conti-nuation of the Caspian Sea. He was additionally impressed by the legendary exploits of previous conquerors whom he needed to emulate and surpass.

The political situation of north-west India suited his plans. The world was parcelled out into many unbiased monarchies and tribal republics which had been strongly wedded to the soil and had a fierce love of the principality over i which they dominated. Alexander discovered it straightforward to overcome these principalities one after the other. Among the many rulers of those territories, two had been well-known—Ambhi, the prince of Taxila, and Porus whose kingdom lay between the Jhelum and the Chenab. Collectively they m’ght have successfully resisted the advance of Alexander However they might ,not put up a joint entrance, .the Khyber cross remained unguarded.




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