“ Most gladly,” replies Samuel, who put forth his hand to obtain the half-crown.

The subsequent second the dwarf was now not to be seen. “ Nicely, I by no means ! ” stated Samuel. “ I’ve by no means seen such a humorous little fellow, all in black, with such an extended beard, after which to vanish simply as abruptly as he crossed my path. Very unusual ! Most peculiar ! ”

Samuel seemed hither and thither for him, however all in useless. “ He should be misplaced within the crowd of passers-by,” he stated to himself. He then reminded himself that he knew neither the identify nor the tackle of the dairi, however he remembered that he had promised to name for the swimsuit and to pay the steadiness. As an sincere man, Samuel naturally refused varied presents which had been made to him by a number of of his clients who desired to buy the little black swimsuit. His reply to every one was, “ It’s offered already.” One buyer even provided to pay twenty shillings for it, however in useless, for he was to not be tempted.

It was nonetheless early within the day when he Lad overlooked the dwarf. Usually he would proceed to work until an hour earlier than the Sabbath got here in. That day, nevertheless, he started to really feel drained and worn out betere midday. The bundle of garments on his arm appeared to him to develop heavier and heavier each minute. “ I need to get house rapidly,’’ he stated to himself; “ I need to not lose a second, for I can not stand the pressure. My poor goal will break.”

When ultimately he reached his home he solid down

When ultimately he reached his home he solid down the bundle, which fell on the ground with a heavy thud. He informed his spouse what had occurred to him, and the rationale of his early return. “ I offered,” he added, “ the previous black swimsuit for ten shillings; it value me solely 4 shillings, as a result of it was so small. I’ve performed a very good stroke of enterprise to-day, thank God ! I really feel most grateful to our Heavenly Father for His never-failing mercies.”

Now, there are time when a modest and unassuming man finds real comfort in forgetting for some time his day by day occupation. Such a person likes to shut his eyes on the true world as he is aware of it and to suppose for a second of one other world, and to dream of issues that may come to go if form fortune would however smile on h’m. As an providing of thanksgiving Samuel resolved to spend the approaching Sabbath with higher pleasure than was his traditional wont. He informed his spouse that for every so often he would do the purchasing and purchase the meals for the Sabbath. “ I shall additionally invite as many poor folks as I can discover,” he added; “ they shall share our meal this night.”


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