The Chera or the Kerala nation was located

The Chera or the Kerala nation was situated to the west and north of the land of the Pandyas. It included the slender strip of land between the ocean and the mountains and lined a portion of the trendy Kerala Slate. Inside the early centuries of the Christian interval the Chera nation was as important as a result of the nation of the Cholas and the Pandyas It owed its significance to commerce with the Romans. The Romans organize two regiments at Muziris equal with Cranganore m the Chera’ nation to protect their pursuits. It’s talked about that as well as they constructed there a temple of Augustus.

A really highly effective event inside the political historic previous of the Cheras was their battle in opposition to the Cholas about A.D. 150, Although the Cheras killed the daddy of the Chola king Karikala, the Chera king moreover misplaced his life. Later the two kingdoms briefly acquired right here to phrases and concluded a matrimonial alliance. The Chera king subsequent allied himself with the Pandya rulers in opposition to the Cholas Nevertheless the Cholas defeated the allies, and it’s talked about thai as a result of the Chera king was wounded inside the once more he devoted suicide out of shame.

In step with the Chera poets their greatest king was Senguttuvan, the Crimson Chera. He routed his rivals and established his cousin securely on the throne. It’s talked about that he invaded the north and crossed the Ganga. Nevertheless all this seems to be exaggerated. After the second century A.D. the Chera vitality declined, and we have now now nothing of its historic previous as soon as extra till the eighth century A.D.

The first curiosity of the political historic previous

The first curiosity of the political historic previous of these three kingdoms lies inside the regular wars they fought with one another and as well as with Sn Lanka.

Although the wars weakened these states, they very loads profited from their pure sources and abroad commerce, These kingdoms had been immensely rich, They gievv spices, significantly pepper, which was in good demand inside the western world. Their elephants outfitted ivory, which was extraordinarily valued inside the West The ocean yielded pearls and their mines produced invaluable stones, and every these had been despatched to the West in good quantity, Together with this they produced muslin and silk. We hear of cotton materials as thm as a result of the slough of a snake The early Tamil poems moreover level out the weaving ol superior patterns on silk TJraiyur was well-known for its cotton commerce, From very early cases the Tamils traded with the Greek or Hellenistic kingdom of Egypt and Arabia on the one side, and with the Malaya archipelago and from there with China on the other. Due to commerce the woids for rice, ginger, cinnamon and quite a few different totally different articles in Greek language had been derived from Tamil language, When Egypt turned a Roman province and when the monsoons had been discovered regarding the beginning of the first century A.D , this commerce obtained good impetus. Thus for the first two and a half centuries A D. the southern kingdoms carried on worthwhile commerce with the Romans. With the decline of this commerce, these kingdoms moreover began to decay.



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