The Sultan might commend

In case your servant was made up of defects each fault that the Sultan may commend could be construed into an excellence. In the future, within the tub, a chunk of perfumed clay got here to me from the hand of a pal. I mentioned to it, “ Artwork thou musk of a man-made compound of sweets, for I’m charmed with thy pleasant odour?” It answered, “ I used to be a nugatory piece of clay, however having for a season related to the rose, the advantage of my companion was communicated to me; in any other case I’m the identical an identical earth that I used to be at first.” Oh God ! bestow happiness on the Moslems by a protracted continuance of his life ; improve the reward of his virtues and perfections ; exalt the dignity of his pals and of his avowed and secret foes, for the sake of these sayings recorded within the verses of the Koran. zero Lord ! defend his kingdom, and be thou the guardian of his son ! Of a fact, the world enjoys happiness by way of his means ; could his personal luck be perpetual, and will God befriend him with the usual of victory. In such smart, could the department additionally flourish of which the King is the foundation, because the goodly produce of the soil dependeth on tlie excellency of the seed.

God protect the land ot Scheeraz

Could probably the most holy and mighty God protect the land ot Scheeraz in excellent peace till the day of resurrection, by way of dread of the justice of its Governors, and by the blessings entailed on those that act conformably to knowledge ! Know you not why 1 delayed a while overseas on my journey ? I departed out of dread of the Turks ; for I beheld the nation in dysfunction, just like the hair of an Ethiopian. Their kind was human ; however, like wolves, their claws had been reeking in blood. Inside the metropolis had been males with minds virtuous as angels, and with out was a military of warlike lions. On my return I discovered the land at peace, the tigers having forsaken their savage inclinations.

Thus, at first, I beheld the world stuffed with tumult, sorrow, and strife, and it was modified to its current comfortable state within the reign of the simply monarch, Atabuk Aboobukr, Ben Unhappy Zungy. The land of Persia is in no hazard of struggling misery as long as it’s ruled by one like thyself, who artwork the shadow of God. At at the present time, nobody can level out on the floor of the earth an asylum of consolation like the brink of thy gate. It’s thy obligation to help the helpless, and it behoveth us to supply up grateful acknowledgments, while the reward is with God, the creator of the universe. zero God ! protect the land of Persia from the storms of strife, so long as the earth and the air shall endure.


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