Serviceable shape and virtue of concealment led

Its serviceable form and advantage of concealment led to the common adoption of the domino, till it truly grew to become as a lot an establishment because the toga of historic Rome. Clad in its all-enveloping folds, the hood drawn nicely ahead and the face masked, the domino shaped an excellent gown for intrigue, love adventures, conspiracy, ball, rout, procession, and night put on normally over a gala costume. It owed its first entry into le tnonde o’u I’on s’amuse to these Venetian orgies and wild midnight revels inspired by the Council of Ten as a method whereby the eye and energies of the youth of the capital of the Adriatic is likely to be diverted from politics.

When the homosexual world made the domino its personal, style decreed that it ought to retain its authentic form, and this it has continued to do down to the current. The identical conservatism didn’t prolong to color. As a matter of reality it has, at one time and one other, appeared in all shades, and in each acceptable number of texture, lined or unlined ; in two or extra tones, self-coloured, trimmed, or plain, luxurious or extreme, based on the tastes and inclination of the wearer.

A person’s domino, as typical of to-day as of 5 hundred years in the past, consists of a protracted, ample gown of scarlet cashmere gathered right into a plain yoke piped with satin. Three small cashmere buttons fasten it snugly from the throat downwards, and satin ribbon ties it throughout the chest. The peaked hood is lined with satin and weighted with a heavy silk tassel, and over the shoulders falls a brief, pleated cape. Of the “ angel ” order, the broad, pointed sleeves are turned again to permit a slender glimpse of satin, the fold held in place by a wire loop and a diminutive gold button sewn to the underneath arm seam instantly above the wrist. That the spiritual origin of the domino was by no means overlooked is illustrated by the anecdote of the dissipated younger reveller who, leaving a masked ball within the gray daybreak, was met by an indignant father, who proceeded to load him with reproaches with reference to his dissolute mode of life. After listening for a while in filial silence, the son made the witty reply :

Beati qui moriuntur in Domino From Italy the style of carrying dominoes unfold to France, and thence to England. In Paris the vogue reached its top underneath Louis XIII. and Louis XIV. Throughout the reigns of each monarchs, and extra particularly the latter, masquerades and masked balls have been the favorite amusements of the Court docket. Many entertainments got at which dominoes have been obligatory for males, the King alone being exempt from this rule. Louis XIV. usually elected to look in a white domino of clear muslin which merely veiled, with out in any manner concealing, the gala gown beneath. Dominoes at this era have been richly trimmed, and contrived from expensive supplies.



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