Madame de Pompadour represented in her cen-tury every little thing that was most lovely, most fascinating, and most alluring, and she or he performed her half as pioneer of vogue with a fierce, reckless enthusiasm, and, from the crown of her rolled hair to the tip of her embroidered sneakers, expressed conclusively the prodigal and the beautiful. Upon her toes she bestowed appreciable consideration, and slender pointed sneakers had been amongst her improvements ; she would have them decked with each conceivable conceit, and kick her purple heels in defiance of public opinion. A pair of her sneakers are even now saved within the Museum at Cluny, and these are embroidered in a design of inexperienced foliage, outlined with silver, clasped with silver buckles glittering with outdated paste. Followers additionally had been amongst her weaknesses ; she had these of each dimension and form, with lengthy handles which couldn’t be folded, and mounts of carved and embellished ivory, a few of her Chinese language followers being value a small fortune.

Mrs. Delany’s letters could be the basis for a liberal schooling within the artwork of costume as practised in England within the eighteenth century, and her description of Girl Huntingdon’s costume at a Court docket ball is as vivid as outstanding, reflecting without delay credit score on the Boswell and the inspiration.

Petticoat was of black velvet

Her petticoat was of black velvet embroidered with chenille, the sample a big stone vase full of ramping flowers, which unfold virtually over the breadth of the petticoat from the highest to the underside ; between every vase of flowers was a sample of gold shells and foliage embossed and most closely wealthy. The robe was white satin embroidered additionally with chenille combined with gold, no vase on the sleeve, however two or three on the tail; it was a most laboured piece of finery, the sample a lot properer for a stucco staircase than the attire of a woman.

She additionally writes the outline of a costume she goes to put on on the wedding ceremony of Princess Anne (George II.’s eldest daughter) and Prince William of Nassau and Orange in 1734.

I’ve obtained my wedding ceremony garment prepared ; ’tis a brocaded lutestring white floor, with nice ramping flowers in shades of purples, reds, and greens. I gave 13 shillings a yard : which appears higher than it describes, and it’ll make a present. I shall put on it with darkish purple and gold ribbon, and a black hood for decency’s sake.



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