I remorse, from the sensible in addition to the creative perspective, the threatened disappearance of native colouring, as emphasised by the attribute costume of the individuals, for I’m satisfied that the adoption of a uniform fashion of gown by a neighborhood tremendously furthers the reason for neatness and financial system.

No alternative being afforded for the show of non-public dangerous style, extravagance is discouraged, and the spick and span are virtues which can distinguish the cautious from the slatternly, and reveal a lot to the scholar of character. A love of color and private adornment is inherent within the human race, and it’s to be regretted that the relentless advance of commerce is chargeable for the blotting out of a rustic’s individuality, and decreasing all locations to the identical lifeless stage of monotony.

Differing barely however distinctly with the locality, the gown of the peasants of Brittany is second in curiosity to none in Europe. This truth, coupled with an instinctive conservatism widespread to those that “go all the way down to the ocean in ships,” is, little doubt, accountable for the tenacity with which the Bretons cling to their nationwide costume, bearing it with them once they to migrate and donning it on gala events within the new land.

Peculiar to the peasant of Bignon is a white flannel petticoat, the hem surmounted by a scarlet band. Pleated on the waist, it joins a bodice normal from vivid crimson fabric, which inserts carefully as much as the throat and is edged with black velvet embroidered in varied colored worsteds, turned- again cuffs to match ending the tight elbow- sleeves ; whereas the apron, in a darkish tone of mulberry, fastens by way of a sash tied in a bow on the aspect. Protecting the pinnacle is a small cap of white linen, which serves as basis for a conical erection contrived from a rough starched texture resembling brown holland. To that is hooked up a pair of lengthy flaps, which will be pinned up or left hanging in accordance with the style of the wearer. The well-to-do possess a necklace of amber and black beads, and a gold and ebony crucifix suspended from a slender black velvet ribbon.

If gown be an outward and visual signal of character, then ought to the individuals of Quimper be the gayest of the homosexual. The costume of the district consists of a laced jacket with tight elbow-sleeves, supplemented by full white ones which attain to the wrist, and a brief petticoat of ample proportions. Blue is a favorite shade for each corsage and skirt, that are often glorified by the addition of crimson and gold lace. Blue and pink encourage the sleeves, the beneath ones being of white, tied, au poignet, with yellow ribbon. The chemisette shows a multi-coloured collar, and the apron is in a vivid tone of orange.



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