I’ve heard, sure monarch having commanded a captive to be put-to loss of life, the poor wretch, in a match of despair, started to abuse and reproach the King, in his personal language ; in line with the saying, ‘ Whosoever washeth his Kurds of life, utteretli no matter is in his coronary heart.’ “ A person with out hope speaketh boldly; because the cat, when pushed to despair, seizeth the canine: within the time of want, when it’s not possible to flee, the hand graspeth the sharp-edged sword.” The King requested, “ What doth he say?” One of many Viziers, who was of a benevolent disposition, replied, “ zero, my lord,” he mentioned, “the Almighty befriendeth him who stifleth his anger, and is merciful to his fellow creatures.”

The King; had compassion on him, and spared Ms life. Anotlier Vizier, of a opposite mood, mentioned, “It becometh not individuals of our rank to talk any factor however reality within the presence of monarchs ; that man reviled the King, and spoke indecently.” The King was displeased at his speech, and mentioned, “I’m extra glad with that falsehood than with this reality, which you could have uttered ; as a result of that was nicely supposed, and that is based on malignity: and the sages have declared, that falsehood, combined with good recommendation, is preferable to reality tending to excite strife. When a king is guided by the recommendation of one other, woe be unto him if he speaketh any factor however good. On the portico of the corridor of Feridoon was written, ‘ The world, zero my brother, continueth to not anybody; place your affections on the Creator of the universe, and that may suffice.

Make no reliance, neither relaxation upon the dominion of this world ; seeing what number of like your self it hath nourished and killed. When the pure soul is about to depart, what’s the distinction between expiring on a throne or on the naked floor? ’ ”


One of many Kings of Khorasan noticed in a dream Sultan Mahmood Sebuktegeen, an hundred yearsafter his loss of life, when the entire of his physique had fallen into items and develop into mud, excepting his eyes, which moved within the sockets, and seemed about. All of the philosophers have been at a loss to elucidate the which means, excepting a Durwesh, who, after making his obeisance, mentioned, “ He’s nonetheless trying about, as a result of his kingdom is possessed by others.” Many males of renown whom they’ve buried within the floor, haven’t left any traces of their existence on the floor of the earth. That outdated corpse which that they had deposited within the grave, his mud is so decayed that not a single bone of him stays. The completely happy title of Nushirvan nonetheless exists by his liberality, though an extended season hath elapsed since his departure. Do good, zero man, and account your life as acquire, earlier than the report is unfold that such a one isn’t any extra.



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