First and foremost Bulgaria

Firstly, there may be the militant spirit, our democratic and revolutionary traditions.

Our historical past is a sequence of innumerable protest actions, rebellions, conspiracies and uprisings, a ceaseless battle by the folks in opposition to overseas and home plunderers and oppressors, for justice and liberty, for an honest life, for social progess. The revolutionary traditions discovered a logical growth within the working class battle in opposition to capitalism. They’ve been one of many primary motive forces of our progress, of our drive to construct the mature

”Bulgaria was the primary Slav state to herald the political and mental The brothers Cyrillus and Methodius, awakening of the multimillion Slav world, to assist the Slav folks to hitch the mainstream of the civiliza-tion of that point and to offer them an irresistible impetus to achieve its entrance ranks. ”…

”/« the darkness of the early Center Ages the Bulgarian enlighteners Cyril and Methodius gaven an alphabet to the Bulgarian folks and all of the Slav world. ”

One other putting characteristic, attribute of our folks, is its thirst for data, for schooling, its receptivity to all that’s good and progressive in different peoples and, on the identical time, its readiness to share with others its personal cultural acquisitions, its personal social expertise. The humanistic well-liked traditions have been notably highly effective, each in works by particular person artists and in our folklore. This distinctive characteristic of our nationwide tradition has carried out a exceptional constructive, protecting an reviving position in our folks’s historic future.

Continuator of a wonderful heritage, our present-day tradition is aspiring towards new ideological and aesthetic achievements, exerting an ever rising affect on the all-round ideological, political, non secular and ethical elevation of the whole nation.

Proceed to advertise and develop

Business is one other invaluable characteristic which we, as a folks, ought to proceed to advertise and develop inside ourselves. Our folks hates plunderers, and despises idlers. Its splendid of man is that of the employee, the maker and creator of fabric and non secular values, it’s this splendid that it worships and lauds in songs and tales. Our folks has seen, and nonetheless views labour not merely as a supply of wealth; it has all the time discovered, and continues to seek out in its non secular and ethical satisfaction, the that means of human life.

Ardent patriotism is one among our folks’s best virtues. Pressured to defend the liberty and independence of the Fatherland for centures on finish, it is aware of how you can find it irresistible and sacrifice itself for it.

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