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The contrasts are picturesque

The contrasts are picturesque, however they’re tough, and, when sophisticated by Bora, are complicated, nearly distressing. However, Spalato is effectively value a go to. It incorporates a small, however exceptional, museum, specifically attention-grabbing for its sarcophagi discovered at Salona and its assortment of inscriptions. The sarcophagus exhibiting the passage of the Purple Sea may be very curious. Aside from the now disfigured palace, the Battistero, the very attention-grabbing and peculiar cathedral, with its vestibule, its rotunda, and its Piazza of the Sphinx, like nothing else I’ve seen, the city is stuffed with picturesque nooks and corners; and its fruit market on the foot of the huge octagonal Hrvoja Tower, which dates from 1481, is probably much more animated, extra filled with strangeness and shade, than Zara’s Piazza delle Erbe. Right here could also be seen turbans of crimson on the good-looking heads of males, elaborately embroidered crimson jackets protecting immense shoulders and chests, ladies wearing blue and purple, white and silver, or with heads and busts draped in essentially the most good shade of orange shade. When Bora blows, the boys seem like monks or Mephistopheles; for some—the better quantity—wrap themselves from head to foot in lengthy’ cloaks and hoods of brown, whereas others of a extra energetic temperament shroud themselves in purple. They’re a good-looking folks, rustic-looking, but usually noble, with form but maintain faces, regular eyes, and an impressive physique. Their gait is giant and free. There are giants in Dalmatia in our days. And lots of the ladies will not be solely fairly, hut have pleasant expressions, open, pure, and homosexual. There appears to he nothing to worry in Dalmatia. I’ve pushed by way of the wilds, and over the flanks of the mountains, each in Dalmatia and Herzegovina, within the lifeless of the night time, and had no disagreeable expertise. The peasants have a excessive repute for honesty and normal probity in addition to for braveness. And beggars are scarce, in the event that they exist in any respect, in Dalmatia.

The riviera of the Sette Castelli

Trau has a singular attraction. The riviera of the Sette Castelli stretches between it and Spalato, alongside the shore of an inlet of the ocean which is strictly like a blue lake. And what a wonderful blue it’s on a cloudless autumn day! Each one is aware of what’s ‘ meant by a rapture of spring. Those that traverse that riviera on the finish of October, and even within the opening days of November, will know what a rapture of autumn could be.


Rose-red Vineyards

Vibrant-golden and rose-red vineyards

Miles upon miles of bright-golden and rose-red vineyards edge the startling blue of the ocean. And the vines will not be stunted and ugly, however massive, leafy, rising with a rank luxuriance. Amongst them, with trunks caught because it have been within the heat embraces of those troops of bacchantes, are hundreds of sil-ver-green olive-trees. And peasants in crimson, peasants in orange-color, transfer waist-deep, typically shoul-der-deep, via the glory, below the glory of the solar. Right here and there in a grass-grown clearing, like a small islet within the ocean of vines, seems a hut of brushwood and woven grasses, and below the bushes earlier than it sit peasants consuming the grapes they’ve simply picked heat from the vegetation. Every now and then a sportsman could also be seen, in peasant costume, smoking a cigarette, his gun over his shoulder, passing slowly along with his red-brown canine among the many red-gold vines. Every now and then a distant report rings out among the many olives. Then the nice and cozy silence falls once more over this rapture of autumn. And so, you come to Trau.

Trau is a tiny city set on a tiny island approached by bridges, medieval, sleepy, but completely satisfied, virtually drowsily joyous, in look, with that air of half-gentle, half-blithe satisfaction with self which makes so many Dalmatian locations attribute and virtually touching. How odd to reside in Trau! But may it not be a scrumptious expertise to reside in pricey little Trau with the fitting particular person, separated from the world by the shining water,—for who comes over the bridges, when all is claimed?—guarded by the lion and the statue which crown the gateway, cradled in peace and mellow fruitfulness?

Roof and a clock-tower

The gateway handed, a slender alley or two threaded, a nook turned, and, lo! a piazza, a loggia with effective previous columns, a tiled roof and a clock-tower, a campanile and a cathedral with an excellent porch, and beneath the porch a marvel of a doorway! Can tiny Trau on its tiny island actually possess all this ?

The lion doorway of the duomo at Trau is actually one of many most interesting issues in Dalmatia. The duomo dates from the thirteenth century, however has been twice enlarged. It’s not massive now, however small and excessive, dim, filled with the odor of stale incense, blackened by age, virtually surprisingly silent, virtually surprisingly secluded. Within the choir is a deep nicely with an previous well-head. There are a lot of tombs within the pavement. The finely carved pulpit, with its little lion, and the fifteenth-century choir-stalls are nicely value seeing, and the roof of the chapel of St. Giovanni Orsini, which comprises an excellent marble tomb, has been made fantastic by age, like an previous face made fantastic by wrinkles. However Radovan’s doorway is actually the marvel of Trau. In coloration it’s a wealthy, deep, dusty brown, and it’s elaborately and splendidly carved with two huge lions, with Adam on a lion and with Eve on a lioness. The lioness is greedy a lamb. There’s a multiplicity of different element. The 2 huge lions, which stick out on either side of the round-arched doorway, as if about to step forth into the alleys of Trau, have a effective air of life, although they each look tame. Their mouths are open, however virtually smiling.

Over His Eyes

His hand over his eyes he started to ask himself

He appeared nearly stupefied, and passing his hand over his eyes he started to ask himself: “ Am I dreaming ? Really our life is however a dream, are we really feel most completely happy after we dream. .Hi this enterprise could be very unusual. I ponder the way it will all finish ? ” He then sat down with a view to suppose issues over. Innumerable plans arose in his thoughts; he resolved to do that and to try this together with his cash ; above all, he made up his thoughts to have interaction without delay competent academics to instruct his kids, whose schooling had hitherto been considerably uncared for by cause of his dire poverty. He additionally resolved to discover a extra comfy dwelling applicable to the place in life wherein has wealth now positioned him. He then arose and crammed his purse and got down to distribute its contents among the many poor within the streets. On his return residence he decided to assemble his household and to inform all of them about his newly acquired wealth and the plans he had fashioned.

After he had informed all of them that had befallen him, his mom turned to him and expressed her nice shock that he ought to have allowed hirmell to be trapped and misled by the Evil One. She mentioned: “zero my expensive son. know that the dwarf is Devil, and all that he has given you is accursed. Oo and provides away all the cash to the poor, finish we will likely be fairly content material to reside as hitherto. Have been we not all fairly completely happy, despite the fact that we had been typically hungry l. Doesn’t our Holy Bible inform us to keep away from witchcraft and magic ? Will not be all this miracle however a chunk of magic i All that has befallen you, expensive son, is the work of witchcraft. Do you not see that I’m proper‘? Converse, expensive Samuel.”

Striven to honour you

Sure, expensive mom,” cried he in worry, “ I’ve ever striven to honour you and to obey you. I shall not fail now in doing my responsibility. I see, after all, the intense mistake I’ve made in having visitors with Devil. I can’t belief him once more, and as for his wealth, I don’t need it; let him take it away. And now I’ll do precisely as you may have, bidden me.”

Samuel’s spouse and the 2 little sons had been too astonished to say a phrase. Additionally they started to worry that the Evil One had bewitched them. In the meantime Samuel was betaking himself to his store-room the place the cash was, and when he got here there a contemporary shock awaited him. The field was fairly empty—the cash had vanished. He instantly ran again to his household and informed them new miracle had taken place.

Omer Effendi

“ As a final hope, a trial was made at Smit, however with the identical consequence; and the try and localise the manufacture was about to be deserted, when Omer Effendi, suspecting the great religion of the Arabian workmen, disguised a intelligent Angorian Armenian, named Avanis Aga, as a Turk, whom he positioned as a labourer within the dyeroom. Being an excellent chemist and a shrewd observer, Avanis Aga, affecting a simplicity that eliminated all suspicion, quickly made himself grasp of the key which it a lot imported his anxious patron to study ; and, abandoning the ignoble besom that he had wielded, because the attendant of the Tunisian dyers, instantly that he found the fraud, which, both in obedience to the key orders of their Regent, or from an extra of patriotism, they’d been practising ever since their arrival, he set himself to work in secret; and, with the water of Smit, dyed two caps, which, having dried, he introduced to Omer Effendi, who was unable to differentiate them from these of Tunis.

 “ Delighted at title profitable situation of his experiment, Oilier Efendi sumuioneil title Arabs to his presence, and confirmed them the Fez; when, immediately suspecting’ the masquerade that had betrayed them, they concurrently turned in the direction of the Armenian ; and throwing their turbans on the bottom, and tearing their hair, they cried out, ‘ Yaceoup ! Yaccoup!’ (Jacob! Jacob !)

“ The superintendent having dismissed them, after inflicting them to be liberally remunerated for the time which they’d spent at Constantinople, despatched them again to Tunis; whereas Avanis Aga, elected Head Dyer of the Imperial Manufactory of Eyoub, now enjoys the excessive honour of deciding on the precise tint to be worn by Mahmoud the Highly effective, the ‘ Gentle of the Solar,’ and ‘ Shadow of the Universe.’ ”*

Characteristic of Eyoub

Ily far essentially the most fascinating characteristic of Eyoub is, nevertheless, its beautifully- located cemetery, occupying the slope of a thickly-wooded hill. After the necropolis of Scutari, that of Eyoub is essentially the most commemorated by the Turks; and to the stranger it’s rendered peculiarly fascinating by the actual fact, that it incorporates the tombs of the “ Tiger-Pasha,” Ali of Tepeleni, whose life, revolt, and dying, kind a wild and thrilling romance ; and people of his three sons, and his grandson; who, in accordance with Jap concepts of expediency, shared his punishment; and whose trunkless heads now lie within the burial-ground of Eyoub, beside his personal. On a parapet wall immediately going through the Selyvria gate, 5 rectangular blocks of marble of unequal top, and topped with turbans, are ranged aspect by aspect in a conspicuous state of affairs. That which covers the top of the traitor himself is thus inscribed:—“Right here lies the top of the as soon as celebrated Tepcdelenly Ali Pasha, Governor of the Sangiac of Yanina; who for greater than fifty years pretended to independence in Albania.” The others merely document the identify and rank of the respective victims, and terminate the inscription very naively with the phrases, “ who has been put to dying by the reducing off of his head;” with out trying to perpetuate any accusation of crime or misdemeanour; their unfortunate relationship to the insurgent Pasha being accounted a adequate treason.


Frenchwomen asserted themselves as pioneers

Frenchwomen asserted themselves as pioneers with the closely-fitting garment that allowed the strains of the determine to be seen, a reliable ances-tress to our princess robe. Sleeves established their proper to exist in a couple of type, some being large on the high, others slim, close-fitting, and mounted on the wrists, and others once more slim on the high and to the center of the forearm, the place they widened and fell nearly to the bottom.

The cuirass gown was usually barely open on the neck in an effort to present the under-garment, and a protracted girdle embroidered in gold was handed around the waist, crossed behind and introduced spherical once more to the entrance just a little decrease down, the place it was tied in order that the ends fell loosely. Within the twelfth century this type of robe was steadily draped on the hips and worn with out the embroidered bodice or the girdle, and a favoured lengthy gown was open from high to backside and mounted with buttons.

Mantles had been semicircular in minimize and held in divers methods, and their borders had been adorned with rectangular metallic plaques, every pierced with 5 holes, a double wire being handed via these holes and mounted behind.

An affection for jewels, rings and collars of pearls, diadems and clasps, was widespread to all of the nobles of all of the nations, whereas caps, wimples, and veils topped the honest with grace, and permitted some range of expression.

Within the twelfth century the English historian declares that in France style danced the gayest tunes and was uproarious in her demand for extravagance, and, if French chroniclers are to be believed, moderation marked the footsteps of the native mondaine, whose footwear had been comparatively low and bore small factors. However I doubt not that, then as now, every girl was a revenue to her personal nation, and did her obligation to commerce by practising prodigality with dependable enthusiasm.


A COMPARATIVE simplicity marked the raiment of the thirteenth century, when the flowery element yielded place to ample folds of material, capacious mantles, and flowing trains. It was a simplicity, nevertheless, which can’t rigorously be congratulated upon its economical habits, for the materials employed had been of the richest and most luxurious, and the breadth of the clothes was prodigious. The gown which is so proudly worn by the Queen within the illustration on web page 20, is characteristically splendid, and a look at it reveals that it was usual of a thick brocade traced in diamond design, and minimize sq. within the neck and really lengthy within the sleeves, the place a number of folds of white garden seem becomingly above the wrists, the veil falling from neck to hem, and the enfolding gorget being mounted tightly beneath the chin.