Decoration fabrics

Decoration of the head and in the fabrics

Alike in the decoration of the head and in the fabrics which were chosen to glorify the simple gowns, it appears to have been quite possible to evade the spirit, while obeying the letter, of the law of simplicity which the rulers demanded at the hands of fashion. Fashion granted it with a difference, and while rigidly austere in cut, clothes were so generally magnificent in their material and so generous in their width, that ruin might wait swiftly upon the prodigal with a pretty fancy in frocks. And to think that the security of a Married Women’s Property Act was outside the ken and comfort of the weak and confiding lord, who loved his lady too well to deny her caprice !


SUMPTUOUS and ever more sumptuous grew dress in the fourteenth century, when the outfit brought by Isabella of France, upon the occasion of her marriage with Edward II., was a conspicuous example of the possibilities of extravagance. Historians have it that her robes were of gold and silver and of shot taffeta and velvet, that there were many beautiful furs, and that six dozen coifs and 419 yards of linen, and six dresses of green cloth, six dresses splendidly marbled, and six dresses of rose scarlet were included in her possessions. Sovereigns in those times took unto themselves some pride in leading the fashions, and we have Anne, wife of Richard II., effecting the introduction of the cote hardie, a garment not unlike a waistcoat, fitting closely on the hips and trimmed round with a border of fur and buttoned down the front. This was cut square below the neck and boasted long tight-fitting sleeves, and was made of either plain or embroidered material, or it displayed, as did so many of the garments of that day, an embroidered border. Embroidery flourished in the reign of Richard II., when dress, petticoat, and mantle would be emblazoned with the arms of the wearer’s 28 family, and the device of a bird and tree adorned with stately grace many a mantle of Richard’s Queen, who must be credited with a most admirable inclination towards beautiful frocks. In the picture given she is shown wearing a train of peacock-blue velvet bordered with gold and embroidered with jicurs-de-lys, while her head appears to great advantage with a short veil beneath her crown, her hair being braided over the ears and a small lawn band supporting her chin. The sleeve of this frock shows the fancy which obtained for the long scarf held above the elbow and falling with long ends edged with fur ; and the little chemisette and the white cuffs give a winning suggestion of simplicity to an attire completely magnificent.

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Decide the distinctive nationwide character Bulgarian

We may level to nonetheless different qualities which decide the distinctive nationwide character of our individuals and clarify its evolution. It’ll suffice for me to emphasise however another: its inexhaustible historic optimism.

The Bulgarian individuals has by no means suffered for lack of religion. Each in instances of greatness, of the very best religious elevation, and in instances of slavery and struggling, oppressed and exterminated, forgotten by the remainder of the human race, our individuals has by no means misplaced religion in its constructive potential, in its inventive assets, in its future.

This religion, flowing forth from the depth of the centuries, is now our communist religionnonetheless extra highly effective, extra stimulating, inbuilt as a robust armour within the breasts of us all!

The Bulgarian individuals is the creator, guardian and bearer of all these traditions and virtues. We, the residents of our socialist republic, are also, and can stay creators, guardians and bearers of those fantastic traditions and virtues!

Allow us to pay our heartfelt tribute to our individuals as a inventive individuals, a combating individuals, and a constructing individuals!

Historic processes, phenomena and tendencies are, after all, advanced and contradictory. Overflowing with respect for Bulgaria’s previous, we don’t neglect that hers is a historical past of sophistication societies and of battle between the lessons. In that previous, there have additionally been darkish durations when the forces of response reigned, in addition to harrowing well-liked and nationwide tragedies.

However no single oppressor, be he a foreigner or a home one, has ever been in a position to boast of getting subdued the Bulgarian individuals. Historical past remembers the highly effective motion of the Bogomils, and the victorious sword of the peasant-king Ivailo shines in it. The clattering hooves of King Ivan Shishman’s legendary cavalry resounded throughout the Bulgarian lands all through the 5 lengthy centuries of slavery. The century for the reason that nation’s liberation from overseas bondage has additionally been marked by ceaseless class battles. If the essence of our historical past is to be summed up in a single phrase, that phrase can be battle. And at all times, within the entrance ranks of that battle there marched Mom Bulgaria’s dearest youngsters, her brightest minds; there marched males of letters and educationists, haidouts and voevods, rebels and revolutionaries, and, over the last 9 many years, our personal Communist Get together.

These are the individuals and occasions we reward. These are the issues that give us a respectable proper to excessive nationwide self-confidence.

Achievements and its historical past

Our individuals respects itself, its achievements and its historical past. We’re happy with having been ’in a position to contribute one thing to the world’. Nevertheless, nationwide self-importance, nationwide vanity are alien to us. We respect the order in different households, and we’re grateful to everybody from whom we now have acquired something. We now have no have to take over the deserves or historical past of others; we’re glad with our personal. As for individuals who attempt to humiliate and slander us, to disfigure and rob our previous, to them we are able to repeat the phrases of the ardent Father Paissi: ’Learn your historical past!’