Hurry described

Hurry right here described

On this corridor, amid the noise and hurry right here described, those that frequent it gather around the fountains, that are plentifully equipped with each cold and warm water, every woman attended by a number of slaves; her hair is then combed and saturated with water, poured over it from a basin of metallic; and her limbs are gently rubbed by a hand lined with a small glove, or moderately hag, woven of camel’s hair; after which, she modifies herdripping clothes for others that await her close to the door of the corridor, and passes into the cooling-room. Right here, reclining on mats and carpets, the bathers typically lie for hours, with their hair hid beneath heavy napkins, and their entire individuals wrapped intently in lengthy white scarfs, like winding-sheets. Had been it not that they’re flushed by the motion of the vapour, and for the ceaseless dialog which they keep, they might seem like a celebration of corses ready for burial.

When at size they enterprise into the outer corridor, they directly spring upon their softs, the place the attentive slaves fold them in heat cloths, and pour essence upon their hair, which they twist loosely with out trying to dislodge the moist, after which cowl with good-looking head-kerchiefs of embroidered muslin; perfumed water is scattered over the face and fingers, and the exhausted bather sinks into an opulent slumber beneath a coverlet of satin or of eider-down.

The centre of the ground, in the meantime, is sort of a honest; sweetmeat., sherbet, and fruit-merchants, (outdated crones, who steadily have as many billet-doux as bowls of yakourt f of their baskets,) parade up and down, hawking their wares. Negresses cross from side to side with the dinners, or chibouques,\ of their a number of mistresses; secrets and techniques are wluspered—confidences are made; and, altogether, the scene is so unusual, so new, and withal so enticing, that no European can fail to be each and amused by a go to to a Turkish Hamniam.


The European with the Asian shore Sprinkled with palaces: the ocean-stream Right here and there studded with a seventy-four;

Sophia’s cupola with golden gleam :

The brand new palace of Beshik-Tash, erected by the current Sultan, instructions a noble view of the Propontis; sweeps the Bosphorus by almost its entire size ; seems to be in direction of Scutari, (the Asian jewel seated on the foot of the darkish mountain-chain of Bulgurlhu-Dagi;) affords a glimpse of the traditional Chalccdon ; and contains throughout the vary of its magnificent prospect the snow-crowned summit of Mount Olympus, flashing out within the distance by the clear blue of the horizon like an enormous pearl set in sapphires; the Serai Bournou, whose imperial partitions enclose what was as soon as a metropolis; and the “ Seven Hills” of wonderful Stamboul. The world can in all probability produce no related panorama; and because the traveller stands on the peak above the palace gardens, and appears down upon tire heavy inelegant picket edifice, protected on the seaward aspect by a stately colonnade of white marble, lie could be pardoned ought to he indulge a remorse that this imperial residence ought to he so unworthy of its admirable and unequalled website.